As STURDY & WEDGIE Salmiakki OR DIE -Tour closes near, Fast Decade Records talked to Sturdy’s guitar/vocalist Lukas and asked his thoughts and expectations about coming to tour Finland



So, how long has Sturdy been together? Can you tell us a small history of the  band?

– Our first official concert was 12.11.2011 in a small club in Germany. So that’s more than five years ago. We were bad, really bad…
Then a few years later our bassist left and Max came. That’s the point where the band really started to go forward, the first record “Nice Songs For Nice People” came out and now we’re here with our first full-length album “St. Urdy”!


Full length album “St. Urdy” was released 1/4/2017


Do you have any expectations about the tour?

– We’re expecting cold weather, a lot of booze, beautiful girls and of course a hell of a party! We’re really looking forward to it!


Bassist Max and drummer Daniel


Have you ever toured outside of Germany?

– If Bavaria counts, then yes!


What are your about music scene here in Finland?

– When the shows were released, we listened to every band we would play with and they all sound pretty awesome! So it feels like there is a good and alive punk rock scene in Finland. And the responses to the events are looking great so far!

Guitarist and vocalist Lukas


You guys got a couple of days free during the week, what are your plans?

– Well, Ville from Wedgie promised to show us a typical Finnish sauna. I thought about ice swimming maybe if there’s still a chance… We just want to breathe in the Finnish culture and kind of assimilate to it in the 12 days we are there. Somehow we’re open for almost everything, so bring it Finland!


So let’s freaking bring it Finland and show these Germans how crazy we get at punk shows! (we don’t, we stand with hands folded, preferably sit down and hope no one comes too close…)


SALMIAKKI OR DIE -TOUR 2017 with Wedgie

4.5. Sture 21, Helsinki w/ Custody & Teresa Banks
5.5. Radbar, Turku w/ Lasts To Exist & Teresa Banks
6.5. Bar Taso, Hämeenlinna w/ Fladderpuck
11.5. O’Haras, Tampere w/ Fladderpuck
12.5. Bar Zoom, Hyvinkää w/ Lowlife Hero
13.5. Jälkipeli, Mikkeli w/ Lowlife Hero


Photos courtesy of Sturdy’s Facebook-page