Introducing NEVERLEARN’S new guitarist!

So, who are you and where do we know you from?

Heikki is my name and at the moment I also play bass in a band called Stolen Kidneys and guitar in Viimeinen Virhe, and you also know me from a Jyväskylä based band, Arrestum. Previous acts that are buried are Moral Front and Relativity, of course some short-lived ensembles through the years.

How did you find your way to a guitarist of Neverlearn? Do you guys have any history together?

This all started when Joni contacted me during the spring and told me that V-M was going to move from Oulu and Neverlearn would be missing a band-member. Come to think of it, it was no brainer, I’ve been waiting for 20 years to get to play skatepunk and here was the chance; the guys had great songs ready so I could come to a “already set table” as we say in Finland.
I don’t think we knew each other that well before, well, we’ve met in some occasion over the years. I’ve asked Neverlearn to some gigs I’ve put together and guess from that they knew that I’m interested in this kind of music too. And before joining the band, I was with the guys in Levi as a multitasker driver/roadie/sound technician when they played with Wasted and Mad Tolerance. I think we broke the ice on the midnight hours of that trip.

How was the first show at Hässäkkä-päivät, a well-known punk festival in Oulu? Did you get enough practice before it or was there a lot of mess ups?

It went really well! It was awesome to play light-hearted punk in the summer weather. The icing on the cake was when starting the first song, a buddy of ours cruised by with a longboard and started jamming along with us in front row.
Haha, it went without serious mess ups. There might’ve been something but I asked the sound technician to put my guitar and vocals a bit lower, just in case. We had a months to prepare for the show, one practice per week which was just enough to get the songs stuck in muscle-memory

How is the future of the band looking? Upcoming gigs or recordings?

I think I’ll be continuing with band, unless the guys have had second thoughts. It’s so enjoyably to play, practice, composing new songs and drinking coffee at the rehearsal place that I don’t see why I shouldn’t continue.
We have shows coming up in Oulu, Turku and Pori, and a lot of new songs start bundling up. So the future seems bright for Neverlearn if you ask me!

Thanks to Heikki for the interview!

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Photos by Peetu Haipus at Hässäkkä-Päivät (check him out here Deattán Photographing)