Okay, we’re getting a bit personal here but here it goes…

Back in early 2009 I moved in to new city, and I wasn’t in the best place in my life. Hated school, didn’t want get to know anybody new, mostly stayed home and played video games (Well, that’s still 90% what I do but I’m okay about it and enjoy my life now). I was really lost and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, I know a lot of people feel the same way at some point.
I was playing in a few bands at the time, mostly metal and other genres, and don’t get me wrong playing is always fun, no matter the style- But I never got to do what I really dreamed of, play my true passion, skatepunk. So I kinda gave up and just went with it, I kinda settled you might say.

Then it all changed when this one band came to play a show in my town. Sounds like a cliche, but I won’t ever forget that night; cause it was the first time I felt the connection that someone like me was playing the music I loved since I was 12. And that night I felt some kinda hope and got couraged to keep trying.

Shortly after that I found a friend and we got a band together to play fast songs. Things picked up, and shortly a year later we were sharing a stage with them.
And when I started to run Fast Decade Records in blog form a few years ago, Lifeline Lost was among the first bands I asked to come along. It was right around the time their debut album “No Room For Hate” came out.

Now in 2017 after a years hiatus the band decided to end their journey and with that few of the members wrote an acoustic song called “Someone Else” with a compilation video made by S.KÄRT of their past years together as a band.

It made me feel a bit sentimental and decided to write this blog piece about how much this band meant to me. Here’s a (bit haggard) tattoo of their  lifesaver logo I got around 6 years ago.

Without these awesome individuals I wouldn’t be writing this post now, there not might even be this small bedroom based record label at all. It’s in the top 5 key factors why this started at all.

So thanks LLL, I owe a lot to you.

– Jussi

Check out S.KÄRT for awesome music videos and live performances