FLADDERPUCK signed to Fast Decade Records

Skatepunk band FLADDERPUCK can be now found from the FAST DECADE RECORDS roster!

This fast playing quintet from Tampere, Finland has been really active in the skatepunk / punkrock scene these past few years and you couldn’t not run in to their name while talking about punk rock bands in Finland. What it seems to come to their ethic, it’s no miracles, just hard work. Really happy to a part of their mission to conquer the hills of skatepunk. You’re going to keep hearing from them for years to come!

The guys are hitting the studio in the beginning of next year to record some new songs. While itching and waiting for the new record, their self-published EP “KINGS & BEGGARS” from 2016 can be found from our webstore!

Fladderpuck - Kings & Beggars
KINGS & BEGGARS is also available in Spotify

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