TERESA BANKS came out with their new music video “MELISSA SUPREME” this week! What’s the video about? We exchanged few selected words with the band and you can find the interview below the video!

The video was filmed and edited by S.KÄRT, a video channel run by the bands guitarist Alvaro Sotomayor.

How did this song come to existence?

Mika : The band had been together only for couple of months and we had first evening of drinking beer and just playing songs and covers at the practice place before going to see Custody play at a local bar. Alvaro started to play with some simple chords and I added some Blink 182 -stylish thingies on it?

Alvaro : Origins of lyrics are that when we were in bit of a hurry to come up with a band name, we had a long list of and dropped names one by one. In the end, Melissa supreme was a top contender to be our band name and I hated it. So I was happy that we weren’t called Melissa Supreme.

Mika : Yeah I remember that Alvaro was like “Thank God we’re not Melissa Supreme!” and we wanted to underline it by doing a song. Also song inspiration was from NOFX’s “Fuck the Kids”, “Monosyllabic Girl”, “Murder the Government”… And of course “Short Music for Short People” compilation by Fat Wreck Chords!

And the idea for the video?

Alvaro : Well, if you’ve seen NOFX’s “I Wanna Be An Alcoholic”, you’ll get the idea.

There’s a nice variety of locations in the video, where was it shot?

Mika : Yeah, it actually took few months. We filmed it while playing gigs Jyväskylä and Joensuu last month, on the road there, in Turku, there in front of historic Turunlinna, few place’s here in Helsinki, our practice place and also the quick pool scene at Jussi’s birthday party.

Mika : This video is kind of a warning: don’t say stupid shit around your friend. They’ll get best of it.

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