One Hidden Frame – “Antipodes” Split INTERVIEW

We asked Pekka from One Hidden Frame and Alex from Thousand Oaks few questions about their upcoming split titled “ANTIPODES”!

1.  So how do you know each other?

Thousand Oaks “We first met in Finland when I was playing drums for Lineout. Then Pekka and the guys invited us with Thousand Oaks too and we played some shows together in Finland in 2016. I guess we both knew about each other’s band before meeting personally. I saw One Hidden Frame playing at Punk Rock Holiday a couple of years ago and I’ve been following them ever since.”
One Hidden Frame “We met with Alex in Punk Rock Holiday 2015 I guess? He saw our show and said we are welcome to Rome if we’re touring nearby. Then later we kept in touch and we did four shows for them in Finland and we also visited Rome.”

2. When was the idea of recording a split first conceived?

Thousand Oaks “I think we started playing with the idea of it during the Finnish tour and then started talking about it at the end of last year if I remember right.”
One Hidden Frame “We’ve done five albums so far with 8-11 songs. Lately we’ve been a bit lazy with songwriting, so we talked that we would make four songs and record a 7″. When visiting Alex’s studio in Rome on our tour, we thought we’d go there just to try a different environment, because Vesku (our guitarist) has recorded four of our previous records. Then Alex suggested to make a split and that he would record/mix and master it. A split release was a great choice for this moment to clear the table with the songwriting and release the two songs we had ready.”

3. This was recorded somewhere around the world, where and by who?

Thousand Oaks “We recorded almost everything at Hell Smell studio in Rome in march. We wanted to try and make a split with a sound fitting the taste of both bands, so we used pretty much the same setup. I had the pleasure to record, mix and master the whole record. Matteo from Thousand Oaks took care of the bass reamping and Pekka’s vocals were recorded in Finland by Vesku.”
One Hidden Frame 
“We recorded everything else in Hell Smell Studios, except vocals we did back home when we had more time. We spent two days at Alex’s place and then went to a 10 show Balkan tour from there.”


One Hidden Frame Thousand Oaks Antipodes

4. Why did you chose these labels to release the record?

Thousand Oaks “We got in touch with you guys thanks to One Hidden Frame and we’re so excited and thankful to join forces with you! We’ve been friends with the guys from NoReason, Milestone Sounds and Disconnect Disconnect for many years now and we’re always flattered everytime they’re willing to help us with a new release. Our work together goes back till the Jet Market years so it feels amazing to be together again on the same page.”
One Hidden Frame 
“Alex had experience with some of the labels previously on their albums so he asked them. Then of course we wanted you to join, as you are so enthusiastic and dedicated to the genre!”

5. If Lemmy and God would fight, who would win?

Thousand Oaks “Isn’t it the same person? I’ve never seen them both in the same room at the same time hehe!”
One Hidden Frame “Hmm, apparently the dead couldn’t fight anyone…”

Yeah, the last one was a trick question because Lemmy is God. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!

Preorder for “Antipodes” 7″ is up at our WEBSTORE! Release date on August 10th!