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Last To Exist

LAST TO EXIST signed to Fast Decade Records

Melodic hardcore band LAST TO EXIST joins the ranks of FAST DECADE RECORDS A new branch to our family tree and that branch is made of the newest and finest hardcore band we’ve heard in a while. LAST TO EXIST is a four-piece melodic hardcore / punk act that comes from Turku, the city which has […]

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Introducing NEVERLEARN’S new guitarist!

So, who are you and where do we know you from? Heikki is my name and at the moment I also play bass in a band called Stolen Kidneys and guitar in Viimeinen Virhe, and you also know me from a Jyväskylä based band, Arrestum. Previous acts that are buried are Moral Front and Relativity, […]

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What The Hell Is Friendship?


  Wedgie went on tour around Europe in Spring 2016 and filmed their abroad-antics. And here it is, over 40 minutes of footage with comments from the band about the venues, hostels, making new friends and driving, lots of driving…     So grab your popcorn and Dr Pepper, skip what ever Hollywood crap is on […]

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  As STURDY & WEDGIE Salmiakki OR DIE -Tour closes near, Fast Decade Records talked to Sturdy’s guitar/vocalist Lukas and asked his thoughts and expectations about coming to tour Finland     So, how long has Sturdy been together? Can you tell us a small history of the  band? – Our first official concert was […]

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