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One Hidden Frame – “Antipodes” Split INTERVIEW

We asked Pekka from One Hidden Frame and Alex from Thousand Oaks few questions about their upcoming split titled “ANTIPODES”! 1.  So how do you know each other? Thousand Oaks “We first met in Finland when I was playing drums for Lineout. Then Pekka and the guys invited us with Thousand Oaks too and we played some shows […]
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Fladderpuck – “Close, But No Cigar” coming out on 6.7.2018

FLADDERPUCK, the fast and hard hitting skatepunk band from depths of Tampere, Finland, are releasing their newest EP titled “CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR” on 6.7.2018. The EP is coming out as a collaboration between FAST DECADE RECORDS and MELODIC PUNK STYLE! “CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR” Preorder is available at our WEBSTORE so reserve yours now! […]
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One Hidden Frame Thousand Oaks Antipodes

One Hidden Frame / Thousand Oaks Split “Antipodes” Announcement

Guess you might have heard the news already! Thousand Oaks from Italy and our friends from Finland One Hidden Frame announced new split 7″ called ‘Antipodes’! The split is being released by few record labels across the world and we’re really excited to a part this awesome group! Bird Attack Records (US) Disconnect Disconnect Records […]
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Our buddies from Last To Exist, Fladderpuck and Wedgie started to work on their new records during the winter and few weeks ago I asked them the same 10 questions each about their time in the studio and feelings about the upcoming release! 1. WHEN DID YOU RECORD YOUR NEW ALBUM? Last To Exist: 17.-19.11.2017 Fladderpuck: […]
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