Teresa Banks CD


TERESA BANKS self-titled EP is out now! Huge thanks for everyone who preordered the EP and those people who bought the record at the Release Gig in Bar Loose this Thursday. Biggest shout out goes out to MELODIC PUNK STYLE for printing us the EP and all the good promotional work those guys have been […]

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Teresa Banks

TERESA BANKS signed to Fast Decade Records

What a way to start the new year! TERESA BANKS’s debut EP will be released by Fast Decade Records this January. This Helsinki based Finnish / Spanish / Italian gumbo of a skatepunk band started roughly a year ago after some old friends got together and started to play music just for the love of […]

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LOWLIFE HERO lineup change

On November of this year, after a lengthy thought process I made a heartfelt decision and left my position as bassist for LOWLIFE HERO and took a step back to help the band behind the curtain here on running FAST DECADE RECORDS. With the distance and time restrictions it felt that I was holding the guys […]

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Fladderpuck - Kings & Beggars

FLADDERPUCK signed to Fast Decade Records

Skatepunk band FLADDERPUCK can be now found from the FAST DECADE RECORDS roster! This fast playing quintet from Tampere, Finland has been really active in the skatepunk / punkrock scene these past few years and you couldn’t not run in to their name while talking about punk rock bands in Finland. What it seems to […]

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