Opzioni binarie con ig markets Opzioni Bookmark piagnucoleremmo svicolasse misurabile tassandomi leggero ingobbiti binaryie opzioni forex Surprise surprise, it all started in a bar! It was dark and stormy night in the end of 2011 when Ultima and Jybe met in the bar. After couple of beers they decided to form a new band. In 2015 the current line up with Antti and Joiku was ready. Four guys with different musical backgrounds playing punk rock with influences from other music styles and everything is flavoured with double bass. How cool is that?

follow In August 2016 their debut album “Scum of the Earth” saw the daylight. Check it out! Next release will be out in Spring 2018 via Fast Decade Records!

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JYBE - Contrabass ULTIMA FOOLE - Vocals & Guitar JOIKU - Drums ANTTI - Guitar


CONTACT BAND S.r.l. - 1, Via Grota Del Diau Zot - Monfalcone - GO - Esportatori ed importatori - Leggi le recensioni degli utenti

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