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Our buddies from Last To Exist, Fladderpuck and Wedgie started to work on their new records during the winter and few weeks ago I asked them the same 10 questions each about their time in the studio and feelings about the upcoming release! 1. WHEN DID YOU RECORD YOUR NEW ALBUM? Last To Exist: 17.-19.11.2017 Fladderpuck: […]
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Introducing NEVERLEARN’S new guitarist!

So, who are you and where do we know you from? Heikki is my name and at the moment I also play bass in a band called Stolen Kidneys and guitar in Viimeinen Virhe, and you also know me from a Jyväskylä based band, Arrestum. Previous acts that are buried are Moral Front and Relativity, […]
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Blog: What The Hell Is Finland? (3/3)

29.10 BAR BRITANNIA, ESPOO   There we were snoring like a fat kid on the day after eating all of the Halloween candy on Jussi’s living room floor. At 11 am it was time for wakey wakey. Once again our dear friend Jussi exceeded himself by serving us some fresh breakfast in morning. At this […]
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Wedgie Torvi Lahti

Blog: What The Hell Is Finland? (1/3)

27.10 LAHTI, TORVI   Here we go again! Three days of awesomeness, probably only to be followed by three days of wallowing in sadness, hollow thoughts and a prolonged hangover from all the partying. Despite this, the three of us were excited like a fat guy in a candy factory, since this time we would […]
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