Fast Decade Records is a Finnish independent punk rock record label founded in 2016.

Ever since inception, Fast Decade Records has always strived to make the most of being independent and taking advantage of all the benefits it brings along. Enabled by this course of action, the main concept and the underlying agenda of the day-to-day operation is heavily influenced by the simple philosophy of signing and collaborating with bands that not only resonate on a personal level, but also who have a tangible potential to make a stand and earn their place among the punk rock greats.

To this day, Fast Decade Records has had the privilege to work with numerous bands ranging all the way from fast paced hardcore to double bass-infused punk n’ roll, not to mention more traditional takes on punk rock in the midst. All along the way, interest towards Fast Decade Records has been avid and on the rise and there is no reason to expect anything less from the future.



If you want to book a band, collaborate with us or talk other business related stuff please contact here:

If you have a cool band you want us to check out you can hit us with a mail. NOTE! We will read all the mail and listen to all the music we receive. It might take a week or two but we will, so one email is enough. If you decide to send us stuff please attach a short band biography to the mail. You can send your material to: