"Thousand Oaks, again, are firmly planted in the now but don’t for a second forget their roots. However, there is a third play to this symbiosis. The band employ harder, slight, but noticeable and cleverly placed Melodic Hardcore to run between their two-variants of Skate Punk and it waits forebodingly in the wings."

- Matt Speer / Ear Nutrition

Thousand Oaks

Skate Punk (Italy)

Thousand Oaks are a four piece skatepunk band from Rome, formed in 2015 from the ashes of Italian skatepunk band Jet Market (1998-2012). Having played together in Jet Market for 14 years, the bands’ experience shines through on debut album Monsters Begetting Monsters, released in 2016 in Europe, Asia and South America.

After the full length release tours in Finland, Japan and Italy follow. In 2017 and 2018 the band records two splits, the first with the Japanese band Too Close To See called Memories And Milestones and the latest with the Finnish band One Hidden Frame. Meanwhile the Roman combo leaves for tours in Italy and Brazil.

After some shows and fests in Belgium, Uk and Greece, 2019 is the year of their second full lenght release, the new album is called Bound For Destruction and will be released in several European countries, Japan and Canada.

«...This six songs offer sheer vicious speed, ferocity and melody of skatepunk/hardcore. What I love is that they are enough technical and have some metallic parts to be rough and enough melody to be emotional and I love it. I love even blast beat drumming on The Bottom of Bottomless Pit being one of my personal favorites on this record along with the title song and Hunt the Haze. As for goes for vocals, they are so sweet, backing vox harmonies are done superbly and musicianship is at fantastic level with all complex songwriting, tempo changes, pumping rich bass lines, impeccable inhuman drumming and superb guitar work...»

review by Kraykulla Webzine



"Missteps In Evolution"